About Us

DOMINATE started out in the back of a barber’s shop. You can have some fun in the back of a barber shop, and believe me we did, and when we’d finished we had made a top quality hair product you can afford to use every day. We applied some old fashioned principles, a traditional bees wax base and a bit of innovation to come up with the original DOMINATE Waxx using nothing but a converted washing machine drum and a wooden spoon we borrowed from the café next door. It just goes to show, you don’t need a room of chemists mixing up a heap of nasty chemicals to make your hair do what you want.

13 years and over 3,000 stores later, DOMINATE is one of Australasia’s leading men’s styling brands. We’ve moved up in the world from the washing machine drum and wooden spoon but we still create, develop and make everything ourselves (well, not literally but you know what we mean) Our focus remains creating awesome products that deliver great results, avoiding some of the nasty chemicals along the way! And we’re still going…..life’s a journey, DOMINATE your journey!

Anthony Gadsdon and Shane Young